International Airport
Annual Report 2017

Web / Design / UX, UI

Every year, the Edmonton International Airport reflects and reports on their past year through a printed Annual Report that always looks visually stunning. In 2017, EIA wanted to explore an exclusively digital interactive experience. The web experience contains tons of coded animations and custom illustrations to establish the narrative behind 'Airport City' and their 2017 Annual Report.

Illustration by Mauco Sosa, animated by Piotr Ciereszynski


Keaton Lockwood - Art Direction, Design & UX
Mauco Sosa - Illustration
Piotr Ciereszynski - Animation
Howard Poon - Design Direction
Tribal Worldwide - Development
Bart Nagel - Development
Neha Kumari - Project Management
Krystin Royan - Copywriting
Brittany Dakins - Copywriting
Jenny Black - Copywriting